Read about the cards
In The Psycards Book: The Voyage Nick Hobson explains how the cards originated. US author Catt Foy’s Book A New Alternative to Tarot is good on spreads to use. Berenice’s Language of the Psycards outlines the mystical origins. Marvellous reading! Click here to visit store

The Story of Patsy
Hear Patsy’s Story. How a sceptical and searching Patsy found her way after India and Tarot to Psycards. She didn’t want to be a gypsy on the pier with a crystal ball. She found the right cards as a vehicle for psychotherapy and got married.
Hear Patsy’s Story on YouTube

Psycards Tuition NOW!
Four Tuition Lessons in Psycourse 60 pages. Contains: Card meanings – Spreads – How to read the cards – Reading for yourself and family and how to read professionally – Tarot and Psycards – Your Oracle for Each Day – Jung and Psychotherapy – Psycards and Dating…
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Jung-based symbols
Symbol Powers. The Psycards system draws on poems stories and Carl Gustave Jung the psychotherapist who wrote about the collective unconscious. Each card evokes a symbol that talks to you. The aim is self awareness and development. Click here to visit store

Who is Psycards for
  • For people who have psychic gifts.
  • For Tarot enthusiasts.
  • For those who want an oracle guidance.
  • For people who want to read for themselves and friends and family.
  • For counsellors who like the psychotherapy of Carl Gustav Jung.

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