Psycards were invented by Nick Hobson in 1980’s in theUK. They came to him in a dream at a point of his life when he was going through a huge amount of personal pain and turmoil. “I was, as it were, on hill, looking down on my own life, and could see all the elements that had made me what I was, set out separately: the influences of my family, my background, my education, my friends, my fears, my hopes, my failures, spread out before me like fields in the plain below… The feeling I had was one of peace and control; it was my life, and comprehensible.”

Nick created Psycards to help others who were experiencing personal difficulty to achieve the perspective – and peace – which he was able to feel in his dream.

He was lucky to work with Maggie Kneen, a brilliant young illustrator and they worked on each individual card to create the powerful symbols in every image.


What our customers say

The Psy-Cards system is a great way to get in touch with your "Inner Psychic". I have been a Tarot Card Reader for over 40 years and find the Psy-Cards a refreshing way to get in tune with the inner self and any messages that the unconscious may be trying to reveal to you.

Doris J. Patton - PSYCARD customer


As an Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher, I consistently utilize the Psy cards in my readings as I am guided to do so. The psychology/Carl Jung aspect drew me in to work with them.

Shelly Wilson - PSYCARD customer